December 13, 2016 Items: Higher Ed Happenings

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Heads Up – This is a very good “tutorial” (write-up) on preparing good online videos

 Declining numbers of high school graduates (over the next two decades)

 A number of institutions struggling to meet enrollment goals:  small colleges in particular

 SUCCESS issues for older students:  often, tough road

 Surfers abilities to Discern Online Information Credibility (not so good)

 Essay on academic involvement in online education (potential and reality)  needs some tweaking

 Very short video on AI in Education (I am not a robot – we’ll actually….)  may have to endure an ad

 6 year high schools — This is brief part of a letter to Donald Trump from the Chairman, President, and CEO of IBM (Ginny Rometty) written after the election:

 Creating “New Collar” Jobs

 “Getting a job at today’s IBM does not always require a college degree; at some of our centers in the United States, as many as one third of employees have less than a four-year degree. What matters most is relevant skills, sometimes obtained through vocational training. In addition, we are creating and hiring to fill “new collar” jobs – entirely new roles in areas such as cybersecurity, data science, artificial intelligence and cognitive business.

You’ve spoken about the importance of vocational education, and we agree. IBM has championed a new educational model for the United States – six-year public high schools that combine traditional education with the best of community colleges, mentoring, and real-world job experience. The first of these schools opened with IBM’s support 5 years ago in New York; we have hired some of the first graduates. There will soon be 100 such schools across the country. With your support, we could do much more. Let’s work together to scale up this approach of vocational training, creating a national corps of skilled workers trained to take the “new collar” IT jobs that are in demand here in America.”

Letter here:  IBM CEO  Ginny Rometty






















Author: tomdickinson

Tom (J. T. or J. Thomas) Dickinson received his B.A. degree in physics from Western Michigan University in 1963, and his PhD degree in chemical physics from the University of Michigan in 1968. He went directly to Washington State University where he is now the Paul A. Anderson Professor of Physics and the Boeing Professor of Science and Mathematics Education. Dickinson's research has been in the general areas of materials physics, materials chemistry, and surface science. Recent research has focused on: a) laser-ablation and laser desorption mechanisms in inorganic dielectric crystals and polymers; b) the applications of lasers in materials and chemical analysis; c) use of scanning tunneling microscopy and atomic force microscopy to study nano-tribology and tribochemistry of wear, laser surface modification, and deformation physics; d) the review, development, and implementation of innovations in higher ed learning with emphasis on e-Learning (the inclusion of online formats) and the blended/flipped classroom. Dickinson is author or co-author of over 353 technical articles and book chapters. He has presented numerous invited talks on areas of materials physics and chemistry, including 16 Gordon Conference talks. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, the American Vacuum Society, the Materials Research Society, the International Society for Optics and Photonics, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has chaired and co-chaired a number of international meetings dealing with fracture, tribology, and laser-materials interactions, including three Gordon Conferences. At WSU, Dickinson has received the Distinguished Faculty Address Award, the President's Faculty Excellence Award in Research, the College of Sciences Distinguished Research Faculty Award, the Westinghouse Faculty Award in Materials Science, the Thomas Lutz Teaching Excellence Award, the Marian E. Smith Faculty Achievement Award, the Paul A. Anderson Professor of Physics, the Boeing Professorship, the College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor, as well as being named Regents Professor at WSU. He was awarded the WSU Eminent Professor award and has received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Western Michigan University. He is a member of the WSU Teaching Academy where he is focusing on improving the WSU Undergraduate Research experience. He has lead efforts in increasing and supporting undergraduate research at WSU as well as examination and productive use of e-Learning and other innovations in undergraduate instruction.

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